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Accelerated Reader is a nationally recognized computerized educational program that promotes reading growth for students. It is offered at Incarnation School for students at all reading levels from beginning readers to "seasoned "eighth grade readers. The Accelerated Reader Program encourages students to focus their attention on the careful reading of books, which improves comprehension and provides an opportunity for developing a love of books and reading.


 Participation in Accelerated Reader is MANDATORY at Incarnation School for all students from 1st to 8th grade.


Grades 6-8 Report Card READING grade is based on the following:


1st Trimester Grade


B = Five (5) Accelerated Reader books.

(Students must read 3 Accelerated Reader books during the summer plus 2 more books and test on them by the 1st trimester due date.) A suggested Summer Reading List is distributed to students in June and a complete list is found at

A = More than 5 books.

C = Five (5) book requirement was not met.


2nd and 3rd Trimester Grade


B =  Three (3) Accelerated Reader books

A =  More than 3 books.

C =  Book requirement was not met.


Note: Books students read must be grade/ability and content appropriate.

A printed report of student progress on the trimester requirement is distributed at regular intervals and can be requested by a parent at any time.




Grades 1-5 Expectations


All students must participate regularly in the Accelerated Reading Program.

Each teacher sets the goals and incentives for the individual students. There are also class point goals.

In addition, students must read a minimum of 3 AR books during the summer and test on them in September.




Here's How It Works:

Students select a book to read from a list of over 100,000 books. Many of these books can be found in the Incarnation School library. Others may be found at the public library. The list can be sorted by grade level, title, point level and author and includes the most popular titles in children's literature. There is also a large selection of non-fiction books on the list. Each book is assigned a point value, which is determined by the degree of difficulty, length of book etc. After the book is read, the student takes a 5, 10, or 20 question multiple-choice test on a school computer that tests their comprehension of the book. Depending on the number of questions answered correctly, the student accrues points anywhere from .5 points for something like "The Very Grouchy Ladybug" to 32 points for "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire".

At school trimester assemblies, students receive recognition and earn certificates for reaching certain point levels.  Students progress at their own rate and are encouraged to reach the next point level.


Currently, certificates are awarded for the following point levels:


5, 10, 15, 40, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 etc. Only students in K-2 may receive certificates for 5 and 10 points.

 Note: In order for K students to participate, they must be able to read a Level I Easy Reader book independently.


At the beginning the second and third trimester, each class is given an AR point goal which is based on a 20% increase on the previous trimester total. The class with the most points accrued over goal receives a special privilege determined by the classroom teacher, i.e., extra recess or a free homework subject pass.  In addition, special recognition is given at the end of the school year for the top 3 point earners in the school.

Which Books Are Included?
A complete list of Accelerated Reader books can be viewed on the Renaissance Learning website at  .    You can use the quick search or click on the "advanced" button to refine your search.


Keep in mind that there are over 100,000 books on the site.  Be sure that the book your child has read is one of the ones listed on the site.  For example, there are many different versions of "A Christmas Carol".  In addition to the original, unabridged version, there are also several variations written by other authors.  When in doubt, check the author.


If you're not sure if a book is on the list or have trouble finding it, send an email to the librarian at

Some More Information

School library books that are on the Accelerated Reader list are easy to spot - they have a bright green sticker at the top of the book spine. If a student needs help finding books appropriate to their reading/grade level, they can ask the librarian or one of the parent volunteers for assistance.

Students may take Accelerated Reader tests in all classrooms or in the library.  In addition to being open all day (8:00 to 3:30pm) on Monday through Thursday, the library will be staffed by volunteers during recess and lunch on Fridays.

Students in grades 1-8 may take tests on books that they read alone, with a parent, were read to or listened to on audiotape. Remember that the main goal is comprehension. Children can often comprehend stories several grades beyond their actual reading levels.

Although the accrual of points begins at the start of the school year, tests may be taken on books read the previous summer as well.



What Can Parents Do?


Parents can encourage their children to read by providing a comfortable and quiet space for reading at home.  They can also establish a "reading time" at home when everyone reads,  i.e. bedtime.  In addition, they can recognize children for their good efforts by praising them for their reading accomplishments and displaying their certificates. 

If you have any questions, contact our new librarian Mrs. Hihn at 241-2269 Ext. 117 or