Liturgical Ministries

As a baptized member of the Church, Jesus Christ calls you to follow in his footsteps and make a difference in the world today.  You can make a difference!

Altar Servers

Altar Servers are very dedicated and make a conscience decision to serve our Lord through their assistance at Mass. Parents, too, join in this beautiful commitment to our faith by supporting their children in this special service. Altar Servers assist the priest at every Mass in a truly wonderful way to show their commitment, dedication, and love of service to our Lord.

For more information contact: Deacon Serj Harutunian  (818) 242-2579

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EM)

The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion is a powerful ministry to which Church invites her lay members. Ministers hold and distribute the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, while affirming their faith and witnessing the faith of others during the Rite of Communion. It truly is a wonderful, gentle and love-filled ministry. As with any ministry in the Church, those called to serve will deepen and enhance their relationship with Jesus by coming to know Him better.

To be truly suited for this ministry, the individual must be a fully initiated Catholic, living in Communion with the Church and with the parish community and have a deep spiritual faith.

Extraordinary Ministers (EMs) of Holy Communion to the Sick

EMs take weekly communion to the shut-ins in their homes, nursing homes and hospitals. This important ministry helps to unify the community with those who are unable to attend Sunday Mass.


The Lector Ministry provides a profound and powerful avenue to enrich and deepen a parishioner’s faith experience. The Lector Ministry is a very important part of the celebration of Mass because lectors are proclaiming the Word of God in the liturgical assembly.

To be truly suited for this ministry, the individual must be a fully initiated Catholic living in Communion with the Church and with the parish community and have a deep spiritual faith.

Therefore, Lectors must have good communication and public reading skills to be able to express the dignity of the Scriptures, not only to themself, but to those listening. “The Lord has given me a well-trained tongue to speak to the weary a word that will rouse them.”  Isaiah 50:4


Christ commands us to work for the advancement of His kingdom by being a welcoming community. The difference between a business–as-usual church and a Spirit-filled church is the joy shown by the children of God when they gather to celebrate the Eucharist. We invite you to be part of the Greeter Ministry and share the spirit of Hospitality.

Everyone willing to come to church 15 minutes prior their regularly scheduled Mass has the opportunity to participate. Greeting only requires a “GOOD MORNING”, “GOOD AFTERNOON”, “GOOD EVENING” or any other welcoming phrase offered in the spirit of love to convey our delight in serving and magnifying the Lord. As a greeter you are the first friendly face to meet those coming to Mass. Your joyful greeting helps parishioners and visitors prepare for their participation in the Eucharistic Celebration.


Before the Mass, the Sacristan is entrusted with the tasks of preparing the gifts of bread and wine to be consecrated, setting up the communion vessels, and making sure the lectionary books and Roman Missal are available.

During the Mass, a Sacristan assists as needed, sometimes filling in with a ministry or helping with the minor emergency that may happen in church.

The Sacristan Ministry offers a unique opportunity to serve side-by-side with priests and deacons and the chance to be an example to our faith community by demonstrating our devotion to our Lord through our service.


The Usher Ministry is a wonderful opportunity to serve God by serving our brothers and sisters at Mass. usher responsibilities include:  Have a positive and welcoming attitude; have a desire to serve the Body of Christ; enjoy being part of a team;  assist in handing out hymnals and worship aids; assist in seating people and taking up the collections; prepare the worship space 20 minutes prior to Mass; remain after Mass to hand out bulletins and tidy up the Church.  Ushers must be men or women 18 years or older, and must attend Virtus Training.

Music Ministry

For information on the Music Ministry, please click here.

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Les M. Rangel-Santos – Director of Liturgy & Music
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