Music Ministry

“Sing to God, sing praises to God; tell of all God’s wondrous works!” – Psalm 105:2

What is Music Ministry?

The purpose of the Music Ministry is to provide music for all liturgical celebrations of the parish and to  encourage the full, active, and conscious, participation of the assembly in the liturgy.  The choir of voices and instruments lead the parishioners in song throughout Mass for prayer, reflection, and meditation.  Another very important function of the Music Ministry is the offering to God of one’s time and talents.  If your faith makes you ready to make beautiful music in ministry, consider joining the Music Ministry!

Saturday, 5:30PM Mass


The Traditional Choir rehearses Wednesday nights from 7:30PM to 9PM in the church. The choir meets again at 5PM on Saturday to prepare for the 5:30PM Mass.  Director: Les Rangel-Santos (piano/organ).  Cantor: Vickie Van Paddenburg.  Psalmists:  Laida Capiral & Terence De Sousa (piano/organ).  Instrumentalists:  Ted Shroeder (violin), Frank McNulty (oboe, flute, clarinet), Kevin Clifford (acoustic guitar), Nanding Plana (bass guitar).  Team Captain: Elizabeth Mangun.  Sound Engineer: Kevin Clifford.

Click here for membership information: Traditional Choir Membership Information

Sunday, 7:30AM Mass

Music at this Mass is led by Amador Solis (cantor) and Jannette Carothers (accompanist).

Sunday, 9AM Mass


The Children’s Choir is formed to serve the Body of Christ at Incarnation Catholic Church, Glendale, California. Its scope of goals is to provide musical, liturgical, and spiritual development to the young Church, to prepare them to become leaders in the worshiping community and beyond.

The Children’s Choir serves at the 9AM Sunday Mass and at other special Masses throughout the liturgical year.

Under the direction of Monica Rangel-Santos (musician and child development specialist), the Children’s Choir welcomes children from the parish school, Religious Education, and public schools.  Psalmists:  Whitney Holland & McKayla Lim.  Instrumentalists:  Les Rangel-Santos (piano), Jalen Dagdagan (violin), Justyne Dagdagan (cello), Joven Dagdagan (acoustic drums & violin).  Music Assistant:  Noylah Dagdagan.  Parent Leader:  Marilu Lim.

Membership includes children who have already received First Communion (2nd Grade) up to 6th Grade. Students in Kindergarten, Grade 1, and Grade 2 can look forward to joining after they have made their First Communion. Those in 7th and 8th grades may enroll in the Children’s Choir, but are encouraged to join the youth choir (The i-Band!) at the Sunday 5:30PM Mass.

Sunday, 10:30AM Mass

The Contemporary “Folk Mass” Choir is the oldest of the folk choirs in the parish. If the 10:30 Mass is your regular weekly liturgy, why not join us in song? Rehearsals are on Thursdays, 7:30-9PM in the church. Craig Shadburn is the regular cantor. Musicians include Eric Hansen and Craig Shadburn on various string instruments and Frank McNulty on oboe, flute and whistle. Instrumentalists and vocalists welcome. The choir leader is Jannette Carothers. A History of the Contemporary “Folk Mass” Choir


Sunday, Noon Mass

Music at this Mass is led by Dennis Doyle (director, pianist, harpist), Grace Doyle (cantor), and regular accompanists:  Kit Samson (acoustic guitar), Kevin Clifford (bass guitar), Matt Allan (flute), Andrea D (flute), and Paula Doyle (vocals).  Sound Engineer: Kevin Clifford. If you are a “regular” at the 12 noon Mass and would like to help us worship by sitting with our small band and singing or playing, we have a rehearsal at 10:45 in St.Michael’s Hall before Mass. You are invited.

Sunday, 5:30PM Mass (Life Teen)


The i-Band! rehearses at 4PM on Sunday, just before the 5:30PM Mass.  Director: Les Rangel-Santos (piano).  Cantors & Psalmists (all cantor-certified by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles): Matthew Carew, Gabby Jarasa, Daniel Rangel-Santos,  Lorenzo Rangel-Santos, Monica Rangel-Santos, Feliz Samson, Stacey Wuthrich.  In addition to talented vocalists, instrumentalists include: Elisa Murillo (violin), Ina Tongson (percussion) , Jose Elias (flute, soprano saxophone, trumpet), Jaime Narvasa (acoustic drums), Vince Hilahan (bass guitar), Lanceperry Maniquis & Lelanie Marcelino (acoustic guitar).  Team Captain:  Gabby Jarasa.   Sound Engineers: Jesus Cervantes & Cris Tongson.

Click here for membership information:  i-Band! Membership Information

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Les M. Rangel-Santos – Director of Liturgy & Music
(818) 242-2579, extension 113.