Pastoral Council

Provides advice and assistance to the Pastor for the building up of our faith community

As I seek to fulfill my duties here at Incarnation Parish, one of the bodies I rely on most is the Pastoral Council. The Council meets once a month under my supervision and guidance, and is the primary consultative body from which I seek advice on matters affecting all aspects of parish life.The structure of our Council calls for parishioners to serve for a three-year term, renewable for one additional three-year term. The Pastoral Council should represent the entire parish community with members from all age groups, backgrounds and walks of life.

The basic requirements for Council membership are the following:

  • members actively practice their faith;
  • they are involved in the community;
  • they strive to be fair and open-minded;
  • they are willing to offer their knowledge, wisdom and skills to help improve the life of the Parish;
  • they are available to attend the regular monthly Council meeting and to assist at various parish functions.

May the Lord continue to bless our Incarnation family that we may always bear much good fruit in him!

-Fr. Rodel Balagtas

Parish Council Members

  1. Tim Chan – Chair
  2. Maureen Padilla – Vice-Chair
  3. Terri Ulbricht – Secretary
  4. Leslie Boccadori   – Member
  5. Ted Schroeder – Member
  6. Ronald Beaton – Member
  7. Louie Botticella – Member
  8. Ning Tan-Yeschenko – Member
  9. Rachel Torres – Member
  10. Dcn. Dominic Pontrelli – Adjunct Member
  11. Fr. Rodel G. Balagtas – Pastor

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